Nashville 1993

by Mike Johnson

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released May 13, 2013



all rights reserved


Mike Johnson Gulf Shores, Alabama

A genre-busting collection of songs from Alaska's Mike Johnson. Rock, soul, island, country, and funk carefully blended into a delicious brew that will warm your heart and delight your ears.

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Track Name: Jackie
Copyright © 1993 Michael Johnson. All Rights Reserved.

Hair of gold
Eyes of blue
Candy cane all over you
Wild ideas
Inside your head
String of pearls made out of thread

Jackie, you’re a queen
A movie star, a dream
You beat all I’ve ever seen, honey child
Learn your part
Act your heart
And go your own way
Jackie it’s a game we learn to play

Barbie dolls
Your best friends
Swear that love will never end
Brand new car
On your birthday
Remember this as you pull away

Bridge (inst)
Chorus out
Track Name: The World's Really Mine
The World’s Really Mine
Copyright © 1993 Michael Johnson. All Rights Reserved.

Take a look, big outside
Room to run, blue really looks wide
Falling leaves, falling down on me

There’s the sun big and round
Here’s my feet touching the wet ground
There you are, smiling down on us

Is this what I’m living for?
Is my heart out of place, out of line?
Try not to cry no more
Wipe your eyes on the sky, early dawn
Unless someone lied
I think the world’s really mine

Grabbed a rock, let it fly
Turned to rust, don’t even know why
Look at me, I can see we’re fine…

Unless someone lied (I think they’re wrong)
Track Name: Invitation To Love
Invitation To Love
Copyright © 1993 Michael Johnson. All Rights Reserved.

I never meant to cause this aggravation,
I obey the laws
Something told me I’d be lacerated
for a worthless cause
If I need any painful answers
I’ll just raise my hand
If I need a quick conclusion
I’ll count the grains of sand

The clouds gather up almost every night
And that’s the best part about and you know I’m right
You wave a gun like an invitation to love

Pain loves to know its current victim,
You knew me well
Chance loves to dance on the razor’s edge
Between heaven and hell
Marked on the hand with a smiling brand
What a lovely scar
My ship is in, it’s finally landed
Right on top my heart

Chorus 3X out
Track Name: Look Into The Future
Look Into The Future
Copyright ©1993 Michael Johnson. All Rights Reserved.

Quit telling me you just give up
You’re burned out, you’ve had enough
You’ve done more than you’ve had to do
Time to split, time to move

I don’t see it that way
So much to lose, so far to stray
Summer cools when seasons change
Give it time, it’ll come around again

If I could look into the future
Would I see us standing there?
Dancing on the blacktop, moonlight in your hair
If we could look beyond this moment
Past the heat of our exchange
Our love will still be growing
On eternity’s last page

The final hours of our last days
Are written down and set ablaze
It doesn’t matter anyway
I’ll spend my time with you

Come on, girl, get a grip
We ain’t on a sinking ship
It’s something you can’t forget
Something you’ll never lose

Bridge – Someday you’ll realize. Nothing can change, nothing can change
Verse 1
Chorus 2X out
Track Name: Serves Me Right
Serves Me Right
Copyright © 1993 Michael Johnson. All Rights Reserved.

You ripped my heart apart
And threw it out the door
I can hear your sweet voice laughing
Come on back for more
~ Must have been some strange illusion
Bet my Jack I could never lose you
Never mind my first impression
It was wrong but I didn’t listen

Watch me cry, serves me right
Watch me die, serves me right

You never know the depth of passion
Until you stick your body in
When you tried to hold me under
I knew you couldn’t swim
~ First to worst without a reason
You call it love, I call it treason
Never mind my first impression
It was wrong but I never listen


~ Must have been some strange illusion
Bet my Jack I could never lose you
Nevermind my first impression
It was wrong but I never listen

Chorus out
Track Name: Take My Hand
Take My Hand
Copyright © 1993 Michael Johnson, James Fontenot. All Rights Reserved.

Look ahead, don’t look away girl
Stop and see how far we’ve gone
Up ahead, a new light is shining
Far away from where we’ve come

I can see a smile in the distance
Bright shadows hanging over me
Another mile and we’ll be forever
Then I’ll fall down on my knees

Take my hand, show me a sign, girl
Give me light cuz I’m in the dark
Take my hand and show me a way to your heart
Show me a sign, girl

Straight ahead, the door is open
You just need to walk on in
I’ll close it up and lick it behind us
Tell me, girl, can we begin?

I fell so hard, so quickly
Never knew how strong a love could be
Now I’m finding that I need you desperately
Show me a sign, girl

Instr. Verse

Chorus 2X instru. out
Track Name: I'll Just Fade Away
Fade Away
Copyright © 2010 Michael Johnson. All Rights Reserved.

Here is my number
Give me a call sometime
Been good to know you
I must return to my shattered life

Cold is my bedroom
Warm is your fleeting glance
Dark is the reason
You just never looked back, you never looked back

One day a stranger you’ll remember
Images all fuzzy and grey
Time won’t make it any clearer
I’ll just fade away


(solo over chorus)

Chorus out